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Introducing Fitbit Ultra

I can’t take all or even most of the credit for this video, but I did provide graphics and creative direction on the animations. I was also on location for one of the days of shooting; it was quite interesting. Kudos to Pete and Steven at Creative Destiny LLC for doing the majority of the […]

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October 2 asides

NYTimes: Basic religion test stumps many Americans Color me not surprised. Update: Here’s part of the PEW survey which you can take online. I got 12 correct out of 15, a score of 80%, better than 87% of the public. Can you do better? I hate shared calendars (at work) I have to say I […]

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Homewrk and BookshelfPorn

I came across a link to Homewrk on Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain’s website today and from there… …I found BookshelfPorn. I love looking at the workspaces of other creative people (the Unclutterer Flickr pool is another fave), and people know I love books. These two sites could keep me entertained and inspired for days, so I’m not […]

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HeinleinBiography.com launched

I launched one of my side projects last weekend. HeinleinBiography.com is a micro-site for a biography I’ve been anticipating for many years. I’ll post more about the whys and hows of this little project later, when I have more time, but I hope you’ll take a quick look in the meantime.

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Update on work, website, et al

I’m wrapping up my current six-month contract and have accepted a job at a new employer, where I will start in late July. I can’t quite say where it is yet, as we haven’t dotted all the t’s and crossed all the i’s. This new site at MarkBult.com is where I’ll be blogging from now […]

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You’re doing it wrong

If I have to sit through one more meeting where all the discussion surrounds the business objectives of a site and the desires of the actual site’s users are never mentioned nor considered, I’m going to lose it. And this is supposed to be a “community” site. Wish I could laugh, but at this point […]

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One thing (er, 23 actually) I won’t miss when this contract ends

Here are 20 of the 23 crashes I’ve experienced while using the computer I was given at work. This doesn’t include the countless times I’ve woken the computer from sleep only to be presented with a black screen and no way to log in. This requires a hard shut down, which is a gigantic pain […]

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Dear New Employee

Welcome on your first day. Here is some information that will help you be a productive member of your new team. You will be issued a security badge at some point in the future, but for now you need to sign in as a guest. You’ll be given a temporary badge that doesn’t do anything […]

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Last day at CNET

Friday was my last day at CNET Networks. When I woke my computer at work on Friday morning, Entourage had popped one of its helpful event reminders up on the screen for me (Entourage is Microsoft’s Mac version of Outlook, for you PC people). I thought the choice of wording was somewhat ironic. It had […]

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Last week I returned to the office from a web design conference to learn that Webshots had been sold by CNET Networks to American Greetings Interactive. I really didn’t see this coming, so it was a slight shock to learn that my job was ending. I’ll remain here through the end of January as part […]

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