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October 12 asides

The last 3 years The story of how ex-NFL player Drew Strojny became a successful WordPress theme developer. Scientific American: Why broadband service in the U.S. is so awful The Stranger: What it feels like for a Teabagger: Two pollsters try to legitimize an illegitimate “movement,” with an assist from their leader Glenn Beck Fora.tv: […]

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WordPress import from Blogger fails to import all comments

Alright, I was finally able to solve this satisfactorily. Here’s the problem description, and the steps I took to resolve it. I hope this helps others. Try it at your own risk. PROBLEM: I’d switched my Blogger FTP blog to a blogspot.com blog, installed WP on my host, and used WP’s Tools > Import > […]

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Hmm…that background looks familiar

Amsterdamn designed a WordPress theme called Royaline that looks an awful lot like my portfolio. In fact, I’m pretty sure the background tile they used was swiped right off my site (compare theirs to mine). The rest of the design isn’t really a blatant ripoff or anything, so I’m not concerned. They basically just swiped […]

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