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Hangin’ with Tony

I got to spend all day Saturday with my buddy Tony Alves, who I rarely see. It was also his birthday, plus the first time I got to meet his girlfriend, and the first time he got to meet my wife and son. To top off a momentous day, we also finalized plans to finally […]

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The music business has changed for independent artists

When I was 18 I started a rock ‘n’ roll newspaper called Western Front News which covered local, regional, national, and international music news. This often including industry news, such as the (then-)trend away from vinyl toward CDs, or the latest innovations in CD packaging and marketing. Some of our focus was also on educating […]

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Invasion of the little people

There were all these little people at work today. Am I being politically correct? What’s the correct term? Age-challenged individuals. Rugrats. Kids. It was Bring Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day (their emphasis) at CNET, so a slew of kidlets were being ushered around my floor, where all the funtime activities were happening. Pizza […]

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