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A new meaning

“We’re a family now, isn’t that weird?” I whispered into Velma’s ear. And then it hit me. As we laid there in each other’s arms in the hospital bed, with our new little boy downstairs tethered to monitors and IV, it hit me. And the emotion I felt made me cry uncontrolled tears. In that […]

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We’ve got some work to do now

Velma and Scooby as zombie hunters, on Threadless, by Travis Pitts. Too bad about Shaggy, Fred, and Daphne… [via @anutron]

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Fallen Leaf Lake

Velma and I celebrated our birthdays last weekend near Tahoe at beautiful Fallen Leaf Lake. Our birthdays are ten days apart, so we usually celebrate them together with a weekend getaway. We had won/rented a weekend stay in a cabin on the lake, having participated in a charity auction last year for Committee for Green […]

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What I’ve been doing (Mar 2009)

Previous:list #1list #2list #3list #4list #5 List #6, started March 1: Updated some posts: The big ol’ list of band names The “Whatever happened to…” project Organized some more of my fonts. It’s an ongoing thing. I have lots and lots of fonts. Scanned some old photos and uploaded them to Facebook, tagged people. Met […]

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Sabbatical update, and what I’ve been doing, part 4

As my ten loyal readers will no doubt know, I have been “on sabbatical” for the last year. That’s really just a nice way of saying unemployed, of course, but in my case it was by choice. It hardly seems a year has passed since I left CNET Networks. It’s been a few months longer […]

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Thursday Top 5

The Times MachineSee the New York Times from any day between 1851 and 1922. Includes scans of all pages of the newspaper, and links to full-page PDFs. The redhead on “marriage”This is still one of my favorite posts on the subject of marriage. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS4Trf2Gstk] Holiday Inn makes you smart? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lgzz-L7GFg] 1958 episode of the Bell […]

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2008 charitable giving

In 2007, Velma and I supported worthy causes with a little over 2% of our annual income (here’s the list of charities we supported in 2007). We made a goal of trying to increase that over the next few years to 5%. Although I took off most of 2008 from paid work, we decided we […]

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What music do you write/code to?

My friend Jason can’t listen to music or anything when he’s coding. When I worked at Download.com, lots of editors and developers wore headphones and listened to music as they worked. I don’t know what they were listening to, but it was quite prevalent (and made for a very quiet workplace). Then again, when I […]

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A 2008 holiday gift for our friends and family

Velma and I decided to do something a little different this year. Happy holidays to you and yours. This mini-site took me about 2.5 days for design, about 2 days for coding. I hope you enjoy it.

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Hitchin’ site featured in a new book

Just in time for our anniversary (well, a day late, since it was yesterday), I received this book in the mail today. Before we got hitched in 2006, Velma and I created a custom wedding site, Mark & Velma’s Hitchin’ Party. It was featured on a bunch of CSS design galleries, and now it’s in […]

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