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You’re doing it wrong

If I have to sit through one more meeting where all the discussion surrounds the business objectives of a site and the desires of the actual site’s users are never mentioned nor considered, I’m going to lose it. And this is supposed to be a “community” site. Wish I could laugh, but at this point […]

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Mark’s corollary to Jakob Nielsen’s scale of Corporate Usability Maturity

The older the company, the less mature it is likely to be on the Corporate Usability Maturity scale.

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The myth of the fold

Edit Apr 2015: Added a newer link (top of list). In web design and development there is almost always a desire to surface as many items of content and functionality above “the fold”* as you can possibly cram in there: Top news, latest blog posts, branding, primary navigation, secondary navigation, customer testimonials, carousels, search box, […]

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Bombs away

GiantBomb relaunched Monday, blossoming from a simple video game blog into a full-featured wiki-style site with user-powered content already adding loads of content to the underlying relational database. Alongside the member content are videos, reviews, and podcasts from the small team of mostly ex-Gamespot and -CNETers (you may have heard about Jeff Gerstmann’s unceremonious firing […]

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Has the DMV gotten more efficient?

I had to go to the DMV this morning. Yeah, I was absolutely thrilled about getting up at 7 am to bike halfway across San Francisco, anticipating several hours of standing in lines and being shuffled from one window to another by petty bureaucrats who would foist their clumsy communication skills and primitive people skills […]

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Thursday top 5

“Oh, Canadian FedEx lady” or, “why i got fired from apple computer” by Big Poppa E» www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFS0xl4_LAA Big Poppa E’s follow-up video“This should serve as a lesson to companies nowadays: Fuck over your employees, and they could strike back on YouTube and make you look really stupid.”» www.youtube.com/watch?v=auLCmpCAguI Is multi-touch the future of UI?You’ve seen […]

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