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February 28 asides

Engadget: What’s coming in Mac OS X Lion Inhabitat: Study finds LED light bulbs contain unsafe levels of carcinogenic toxins NY Times: The dirty little secrets of search A very good article about how JC Penney apparently successfully gamed the Google algorithm for several months. Harvard Business Review: The four phases of design thinking “Having […]

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December 31 asides

Mission Workshop I was walking in my old ’hood and noticed a sign pointing down a dead-end alley which previously looked like it only contained the back doors to businesses fronting on the next street. The sign was for Mission Workshop, and it had a cool logo, and I was curious…so I checked it out. […]

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Thursday Top 5

How to confuse an idiotThis is hilarious. Beck, “Hell Yes”www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPqkAYGlynI Dmitri is a complete catchActually, ladies, you’d better stay away from Dmitri.www.youtube.com/watch?v=c06pinaKl8o NevermindPractically the entire world has seen Spencer Elden’s penis. [via Jason]www.npr.org SearchMe.comVisual search.www.searchme.com

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Where have all the citations gone?

Bay Area Action and its later incarnation as Acterra. For a few years I wrote and/or edited weekly email newsletters and action alerts. I started doing this for the Headwaters Forest Project at BAA, then created a weekly EcoCalendar of events all around the Bay Area, and later founded Acterra’s first general email newsletter. During […]

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Add search engines to your browser

If you’re a Firefox user (or IE7 I’m told), you can search YouTube, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Amazon, IMDb, several dictionaries, and even the global Whois database directly from Firefox by installing simple add-on extensions. “Search box add-ons” are not to be confused with “toolbars,” which — while sometimes useful — generally add more functionality than just […]

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