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Why You Need to Fail, by Derek Sivers

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April 17 asides

The R2-D2 Conspiracy, by Keith Martin, explains the pivotal parts played by two of the Rebel Alliance’s most skilled spies. Michael Bailey-Gates Pretty impressive work from an 18-year-old photographer who started professionally when he was 16. The ARPANET Dialogues From 1975, a transcription of a typed conversation (one of the first chats!) between then-California Governor […]

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William Shatner explains the microprocessor

Circa 1980. This is actually pretty cool.

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In search of a Fair Witnes

In an article on Skepticblog titled Climbing Heinlein’s Hill, Daniel Loxton describes how he was — like me — impressed by the concept of the Fair Witness: “Robert Heinlein’s classic 1961 sci-fi novel Stranger in a Strange Land includes a passage I’ve often thought of as a parable for scientific skepticism. Understanding the fallibility of […]

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Trendspotting with a visual bent

Richard Watson writes for Fast Company, among others, and tracks trends at NowAndNext.com, where he’s released a visual representation of technology/social trends done in the style of the famous London Underground map. Download the map as a PDF.

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July 3 asides

I’ve discontinued the Thursday Top 5s in favor of simply posting more often, especially now that I’m using WordPress and I can post four or five things in advance of their actual publish date/time (couldn’t do that with Blogger). Occasionally, though, I’ll probably have a small list of extra links I want to share, but […]

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Dry ice bubble

Fun with science! [via Jason]

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We’re gonna need more Mentos

The Mentos and Coke guys are back with a new experiment. Can they make a vehicle go with just the power of Mentos-Coke combustion? That sure looks like one of the dirigible hangars at Moffett Field, btw.

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Of neuroscience and law, effects of fetal alcohol syndrome in children from Eastern Europe, and domestic violence as monogamous aggression

The blog Neurological Correlates (with the wordy but highly accurate and descriptive subtitle A Neuroscience Tabloid of Dysfunctional Behavior – Mostly Psychopaths, Narcissists, Obesity and Addiction), strives to connect the dots between biology and dysfunctional behavior. “My belief is that there is probably biology behind most behaviors,” writes the otherwise anonymous blogger who goes by […]

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Thursday Top 5

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_i-hEdPOb8] New York Times: Tainted Tap WaterThirty-five years after Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act, some regulators and environmentalists say the law is now so out of date that it fails to protect people from the most obvious threats. The NY Times has been reporting on water issues for a long time now in […]

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