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Decimated ≠ destroyed

People nearly always use the word “decimated” to mean something synonymous to “totally destroyed” or “mostly destroyed.” This is incorrect. I used to do this too, so I don’t blame people. But when my pal Peter Drekmeier enlightened me years ago, I stopped using the word wrong. The actual meaning of decimated is to reduce […]

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You’re doing it wrong

If I have to sit through one more meeting where all the discussion surrounds the business objectives of a site and the desires of the actual site’s users are never mentioned nor considered, I’m going to lose it. And this is supposed to be a “community” site. Wish I could laugh, but at this point […]

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One thing (er, 23 actually) I won’t miss when this contract ends

Here are 20 of the 23 crashes I’ve experienced while using the computer I was given at work. This doesn’t include the countless times I’ve woken the computer from sleep only to be presented with a black screen and no way to log in. This requires a hard shut down, which is a gigantic pain […]

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AT&T fail

My friends at AT&T must have been partying in the phone “office” down the street and tripped over my wire, because our Internet was shut off for nine days. After much troubleshooting with our ISP, I had disconnected all the interior wiring, everything down to the wire coming through the wall from the outside and […]

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Dear New Employee

Welcome on your first day. Here is some information that will help you be a productive member of your new team. You will be issued a security badge at some point in the future, but for now you need to sign in as a guest. You’ll be given a temporary badge that doesn’t do anything […]

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Three fonts which must die: Comic Sans, Lithos, and Papyrus

Attention humans: Please avoid using the following awful, overused, poorly-designed fonts: Comic Sans, Lithos, and Papyrus. Arial and Times are bad enough, but if you really are so severely limited in your font selection that you actually have to use them, be my guest. Just don’t try to “spice things up” with the other aforementioned […]

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The trick to eating White Cheddar Cheez-Its

Open the bag from the bottom. This is true of nearly any food that comes in a bag and has salt or cheese (or whatever) on it which easily flakes off and “settles” to the bottom of the bag. This is an especially significant problem with pretzels, although opening the bag from the bottom doesn’t […]

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Ack! Attacked by angry mommies!

Sheesh people. Read the gorram date of the post before you tell me what a shitty designer I am.

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Thursday top 5

“Happy”A short animation from Vancouver Film School. This one’s for Sage and Dakota. x D [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fccrd8cMKNA] The Russian Avante-Garde Book: 1910–1934An online exhibit from the MoMA (New York). This one’s for Olya and any people who appreciate historical art, design, and typography.www.moma.org/exhibitions/2002/russian/ Carrier PigeonA well-done video podcast about all kinds of stuff, from designer Dave […]

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Why some people hate cops

Because some cops are worth hating. Brett Darrow, 20, was questioned and repeatedly threatened with false charges by Sgt. James Kuehnlein in St. George, MO. It was all caught on video by Darrow’s in-car camera, and he posted the video on the Internet. I can hardly maintain my composure watching this video. This hysterical asshole […]

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