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Tim Minchin’s Storm the Animated Movie

I wish I could show this to anyone who’s ever used the word “energy” to mean anything other than electricity when talking to me. “Oh, man, that guy’s got such negative energy.” Fuck you, you uneducated cretin. Please stop lying to yourself about reality and dreaming that you live in a world where magic exists.

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A new meaning

“We’re a family now, isn’t that weird?” I whispered into Velma’s ear. And then it hit me. As we laid there in each other’s arms in the hospital bed, with our new little boy downstairs tethered to monitors and IV, it hit me. And the emotion I felt made me cry uncontrolled tears. In that […]

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Shit My Kids Ruined

The site Shit My Kids Ruined has me frightened. I’m going to have to construct an indestructible bunker before our kid gets to toddler age, and lock myself and my stuff in it. There are some truly awe-inspiring disasters cataloged here, but considering how many of the photos depict “artwork,” I’d say the main takeaway […]

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Update on work, website, et al

I’m wrapping up my current six-month contract and have accepted a job at a new employer, where I will start in late July. I can’t quite say where it is yet, as we haven’t dotted all the t’s and crossed all the i’s. This new site at MarkBult.com is where I’ll be blogging from now […]

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Fallen Leaf Lake

Velma and I celebrated our birthdays last weekend near Tahoe at beautiful Fallen Leaf Lake. Our birthdays are ten days apart, so we usually celebrate them together with a weekend getaway. We had won/rented a weekend stay in a cabin on the lake, having participated in a charity auction last year for Committee for Green […]

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Meet Sluggo

I should take this opportunity to introduce Sluggo, our new traveling companion. We adopted Sluggo a couple weeks ago in anticipation of our impending parenthood (he was a gift from Velma’s coworkers, who threw her a baby shower a couple weeks ago). This was Sluggo’s first time in the Sierra, and he enjoyed it a […]

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AT&T fail

My friends at AT&T must have been partying in the phone “office” down the street and tripped over my wire, because our Internet was shut off for nine days. After much troubleshooting with our ISP, I had disconnected all the interior wiring, everything down to the wire coming through the wall from the outside and […]

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“Find my iPhone” function = mixed results

Having returned from a short getaway trip to Orr Hot Springs last week with the redhead, I panicked for a few minutes when I couldn’t find my phone in my backpack. When we arrived there, I had turned it to Airplane Mode and put it in my backpack, since there was no cell reception. When […]

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Photo featured in LA Times

My photo of redwood seedlings has been featured on the Los Angeles Times’ website, alongside another holiday gift guide and mention of Save the Redwoods League.

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Eoin Colfer at the Apple Store

I was surprised there were so few people at the Apple Store on Wednesday, October 28, to see Eoin Colfer, author of the much-anticipated sixth Hitchhiker’s novel, And Another Thing…. There were fewer than a dozen people seated in the theater portion of Apple’s flagship San Francisco location at One Stockton Street. Granted, it was […]

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