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Thursday Top 5+3

Velma and I are going on a site visit to beautiful Sequioa National Park for a few days and I thought I’d be generous and post some extra distractions for those of you stuck behind desks while we’re backpacking through the redwoods. So here are three bonus links along with your normal five. Don’t say […]

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Opening DiskDoubler files from Mac OS 9

Back in the dayThe first external hard drive I bought was a 40 megabyte SCSI device, and it cost about $400. That’s correct, 40 MB for $400. Today you can’t even fit Mac OS X (just the system, with no other program files) on anything less than several gigabytes, but in 1989, when I bought […]

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Checking your Seagate Barracuda drive’s serial number on a Mac

Some people have reported a problem with their Seagate hard drives that can make it look like your drive is gone or won’t mount. The affected products are Barracuda 7200.11, Barracuda ES.2 SATA, and DiamondMax 22. The problem has been tracked to a firmware issue, and Seagate has published instructions on their site to find […]

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Add search engines to your browser

If you’re a Firefox user (or IE7 I’m told), you can search YouTube, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Amazon, IMDb, several dictionaries, and even the global Whois database directly from Firefox by installing simple add-on extensions. “Search box add-ons” are not to be confused with “toolbars,” which — while sometimes useful — generally add more functionality than just […]

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How to run multiple copies of (the same version of) Firefox

For the longest time, while using Firefox 1.x I was able to run two or more copies of the application at the same time. This was useful for partitioning my work and protecting it from being lost if there was a FF crash (which there were a lot of in the later Firefox 1.x days). […]

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Syncing your home and office Macs

I was leaving my job and had accumulated three-plus years of contacts, website bookmarks, emails, etc., that I wanted to keep and transfer to my home computer, but I didn’t necessarily want to use the same apps at home that my company used. For example, Mac users in my office used Microsoft’s Entourage (the Mac […]

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How to merge Blogger accounts

I actually have six Blogger blogs, and until today they were spread across two separate Blogger accounts. But I finally tracked down a way to merge accounts. Well, actually it’s not merging, it’s transferring permissions from one to another, but it accomplishes the same thing. Until a few months ago this was not possible, according […]

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Thursday top 5

Big Rig JigThis sculpture is going to be at Burning Man. Waah! I wanna go.www.bigrigjig.com Spoon’s “Don’t You Evah” (featuring Keepon)Heh heh, cute dancing robots.www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPdP1jBfxzo How to take a product-shot photo on a white backgroundA pretty simple method. I tried it out the other night, and while it’s a little harder to get a really […]

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Gettin’ hitched, part 1: branding your wedding

After Velma and I decided to get hitched, I started thinking about some of the cool things we’d get to make as part of the process, like invitations. I also harkened back to a post I’d seen a year ago on a blog by a designer whose work I admire, Jason Santa Maria, who had […]

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