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In search of a Fair Witnes

In an article on Skepticblog titled Climbing Heinlein’s Hill, Daniel Loxton describes how he was — like me — impressed by the concept of the Fair Witness: “Robert Heinlein’s classic 1961 sci-fi novel Stranger in a Strange Land includes a passage I’ve often thought of as a parable for scientific skepticism. Understanding the fallibility of […]

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How HeinleinBiography.com is doing

Two weeks after launch my site HeinleinBiography.com is #9 on a Google search for the term “Heinlein Biography,” which is pretty good. Sadly, in a Google search for “Robert Heinlein biography,” it fares less well, coming in at #14. “New Heinlein biography” also doesn’t do very well, dropping to #16. I can’t complain too much, […]

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HeinleinBiography.com launched

I launched one of my side projects last weekend. HeinleinBiography.com is a micro-site for a biography I’ve been anticipating for many years. I’ll post more about the whys and hows of this little project later, when I have more time, but I hope you’ll take a quick look in the meantime.

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July 25 asides

Growing pains afflict HTML5 standardization The EarthTainer, a rad DIY container garden watering technique. Includes how-to videos. Good review of Robert A. Heinlein’s Beyond This Horizon by David Brin. Really looking forward to Firefox’s future “Tab Candy” functionality.

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Heinlein biography coming next month

I have been waiting for this book for years. I met the biographer, Bill Patterson, many years ago at a convention in Santa Clara, when he gave an early reading from the book. The first book in the now two-volume tome is finally being released by Tor Books on August 17. Get it from Amazon. […]

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Heinlein collection = ~675

Some of my loyal readers no doubt know I collect stuff by science fiction’s Grand Master, Robert A. Heinlein (you could hardly miss the fact if you’ve been to our flat). Indeed, we have a great many books in our place, quite aside from my collection of Heinlein stuff. Sometimes people ask us how many […]

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On voting for the lesser of two evils

“There may not be someone you want to vote for but there is certain to be someone you want to vote against.”– Robert A. Heinlein Don’t get me wrong, I’m voting for Obama–Biden not only because I want to see the Republicans lose the White House and the Congress, but also because I share some […]

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Farking Zarquon! Eoin Colfer is writing a sixth Hitchhikers’ book!?

The author of the popular Artemis Fowl series has been contracted by Hyperion books to write a sixth book in the evermore inaccurately named Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. The sixth book is reportedly titled And Another Thing… and is scheduled to be published in October 2009 by Hyperion. The book has been sanctioned […]

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Thursday Top 5

An Epic Conversation with Cory Doctorow and John Scalzi, Part 1An conversation between Cory Doctorow, (technologist, author, and BoingBoing mainstay) and John Scalzi (sci-fi author and noted purveyor of Whatever). The video editing is a bit annoying. Actually, I like all of it except the incredibly annoying, loud intro music. They also use it between […]

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Russian Heinlein book featured on io9

One of my rare Heinlein books has been featured on io9, Gawker’s sci-fi blog (“In Soviet Russia, Space Opera Really Was Operatic”). io9 was doing an article Russian science fiction book cover artwork and must’ve seen the book cover I posted to my Flickr group Heinleinia. The book in question (pictured here) has always been […]

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