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Google takes us inside some of the world’s great museums

Art Project, powered by Google. More about the project, including a brief how-it’s-done video, on LaughingSquid.

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February 28 asides

Engadget: What’s coming in Mac OS X Lion Inhabitat: Study finds LED light bulbs contain unsafe levels of carcinogenic toxins NY Times: The dirty little secrets of search A very good article about how JC Penney apparently successfully gamed the Google algorithm for several months. Harvard Business Review: The four phases of design thinking “Having […]

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December 31 asides

Mission Workshop I was walking in my old ’hood and noticed a sign pointing down a dead-end alley which previously looked like it only contained the back doors to businesses fronting on the next street. The sign was for Mission Workshop, and it had a cool logo, and I was curious…so I checked it out. […]

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How HeinleinBiography.com is doing

Two weeks after launch my site HeinleinBiography.com is #9 on a Google search for the term “Heinlein Biography,” which is pretty good. Sadly, in a Google search for “Robert Heinlein biography,” it fares less well, coming in at #14. “New Heinlein biography” also doesn’t do very well, dropping to #16. I can’t complain too much, […]

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August 13 asides

Happy Friday the 13th! Wired: Why Google Became A Carrier-Humping, Net Neutrality Surrender Monkey I have to say Google has really screwed this one up. I’m really disappointed. HTML Boilerplate A CSS, HTML, and JavaScript base template set that includes a comprehensive CSS reset, IE 6 and 7 fixes, PNG fix, mobile support, print support, […]

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Top 4 April Fools internet jokes

The best ones I saw today. Starbucks offers new cup sizes: Plenta™ and Micra™ Google changes its name From the U.S. Naval Institute archive: Fighter pilot in aircraft carrier landing trouble Monolith Action Figure

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Thursday Top 5+1

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN0q8SvlQAk] Google 411It’s free. The pizza’s not. The Modern San FranciscanBy local artist Mike Giant. [via MissionMission] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJKYyM8nfMQ] “Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)” by Jedward, featuring Vanilla IceThese two young guys were apparently controversial participants on “X Factor,” one of those TV talent competitions. As I never watch those things, I hadn’t heard of them […]

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Google’s new Wave

Google has announced Wave, a pretty impressive new collaboration communication platform which comes in part from the inventors of Google Maps. Wave will be open source, with a bunch of APIs for developers to build off of right away (although Wave itself won’t launch to the public until later this year). There will be plenty […]

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This is why I’m never going to work at Google

In the past year, a few people who knew I would be on the lookout for a new full-time position have asked me if I’d consider working at Google. These two articles provide some insights as to why Mark Bult + Google would probably never mix. Doug Bowman, a highly experienced designer who I respect […]

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Typos on Google Maps

Google Maps is pretty great, but it seems even the almighty Goog is susceptible to typos. I alerted Google (and Navtech and TeleAtlas, which both provide map data to Google) of the errors I spotted on this stretch of Highway 280 in San Francisco named after former CA State Senator and Deputy Attorney General John […]

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