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Update on work, website, et al

I’m wrapping up my current six-month contract and have accepted a job at a new employer, where I will start in late July. I can’t quite say where it is yet, as we haven’t dotted all the t’s and crossed all the i’s. This new site at MarkBult.com is where I’ll be blogging from now […]

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The photoblog is back

In preparation for the shutdown of Blogger’s FTP service in a little over a month, I’ve started the long process of converting all my blogs to WordPress. This is a rather involved process, as it first requires doing several things that aren’t even related to the blogs. For example, my web host, Media Temple, has […]

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Updating the journal

Please note: Things will look a little weird here and there as I update the design of the journal pages over the next few days1

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What I use to create enews.org and related websites

A drive-by reader sent me an email today months ago after seeing Mark & Velma’s Hitchin’ Party picured on a roundup of “30 Green Websites” on TutorialBlog. I replied via email, but then thought I might as well post it here too. Found your website by accident while searching for other things. First off, I […]

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The history of enews.org

History and Name I registered enews.org, my first domain, in 1997. It was not long after the dawn of the web, and domains were expensive. Back then it cost $100 to register a single domain for a two-year period, whereas it’s about $10 per year these days. I tried to get the .com and .net […]

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What I’ve been up to (non-list edition)

I mentioned in April that I’d taken on some new contract work, and that was slowing the progress of redesigning enews.org. In May and June I started applying for full-time gigs again, despite the fact that the new portfolio was only about 80% done. I had a couple interviews but none that were a spectacular […]

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Portfolio and site redesign update

I teased you with a few designs last month from the upcoming all-new portfolio. Here are a few more. The progress is going well, although I’m slowed down when I take contract work, which I did again in mid-March. The last image is from that new work, btw. I’m starting to apply for jobs, so […]

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Progress report on the portfolio and site redesign

Thought I’d give another sneak-peek at some of what I’ve been spending so much time on for the past couple months. As my precious regular readers will know, I’m redesigning this site and also updating my portfolio for the first time in about three years. What I may not have mentioned before is how in-depth […]

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*tap*tap* Hello? Is this thing on?

Just wondering if anyone’s out there. Since Ynnej has moved to a farm and Olya is in the outback, I expected to hear less from my readers, but it’s been so quiet around here for so many months, I’m wondering if this here journal has any readers left at all. I haven’t heard from readers […]

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Sneak peek of the upcoming redesign

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had some time to do some personal work on three evenings, so I started coding the new template for my redesigned portfolio. I’ve been working on this design in Photoshop for years. Seriously! (Although only in fits and starts, with long gaps in between.) But I’ve been planning for the […]

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