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Hey “New York’s finest,” don’t forget: You work for us

On July 25 a New York City rookie cop assaulted a bicyclist participating in a Critical Mass ride. According to the New York Times, Officer Patrick Pogan has sworn a statement that the cyclist, Christopher Long, rode straight at him. Clearly, the video (seen below) shows another story. Meanwhile, Long has been charged with attempted […]

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Thursday top 5

Lions vs. water buffalo vs. crocodilesThis video made me emotional it’s so incredible. You’ll never guess who wins in the end.www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU8DDYz68kM Presidential candidate selectorThis is based on a popular chart from 2decide.com, but a coworker of mine made it tons more useful. Hover over the left-hand column to select your position on the issues.jrm.cc/extras/candidate-selector/ You […]

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