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Intellectual property and copyright from a new perspective

This TED Talk by Johanna Blakley gave me a new perspective on copyright. For the last few years, with the oncoming pervasiveness of open standards and technologies, I’ve seen benefits on both sides of the copyright-versus-open issue. While much benefit comes from copyright law, it can also stifle parts of innovation and culture. Blakely, of […]

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Where have all the citations gone?

Bay Area Action and its later incarnation as Acterra. For a few years I wrote and/or edited weekly email newsletters and action alerts. I started doing this for the Headwaters Forest Project at BAA, then created a weekly EcoCalendar of events all around the Bay Area, and later founded Acterra’s first general email newsletter. During […]

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Is your cable company blocking your Internet?

SF Weekly featured a cover story last week about Comcast blocking subscribers who are using peer-to-peer programs like BitTorrent. Regardless of the potential for copyright abuses by P2P, BitTorrent and digital advocacy groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) make the valid point that Comcast, as the nation’s second-largest internet service provider, has a duopoly […]

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And now, excuse us as we pause your regularly-programmed blog for an important message about digital rights-managed songs. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RWTzSN6xmo]

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LogoMaid steals logo from SimpleBits

LogoMaid.com is a chop shop for cheap, non-original logos. Most buyers wouldn’t know that, of course. There are lots of these kinds of sites out there, offering readymade websites, Flash sites, templates, blog templates, logos, etc. They hire contract designers who work from home on the cheap, form all over the world, and these contractors […]

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