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Sabbatical update, and what I’ve been doing, part 4

As my ten loyal readers will no doubt know, I have been “on sabbatical” for the last year. That’s really just a nice way of saying unemployed, of course, but in my case it was by choice. It hardly seems a year has passed since I left CNET Networks. It’s been a few months longer […]

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AnimeVice.com launches

The guys (and now, it seems, gal) at Whiskey Media have offered up another round, adding a just-launched anime/manga site to their growing list of entertainment-related wiki/encyclopedia/community sites. AnimeVice.com joins the stable of niche sites that already include computer gaming, comics, and um, politics. AnimeVice, however, takes it up a notch with, *wink*nudge* an entire […]

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Bombs away

GiantBomb relaunched Monday, blossoming from a simple video game blog into a full-featured wiki-style site with user-powered content already adding loads of content to the underlying relational database. Alongside the member content are videos, reviews, and podcasts from the small team of mostly ex-Gamespot and -CNETers (you may have heard about Jeff Gerstmann’s unceremonious firing […]

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ZDNet and the Green Enterprise

http://i.zdnet.com/flash/cnb_video.swf My friends over at ZDNet have launched their redesigned website and it’s looking great. I never used ZDNet that much before, but the new changes to the site make finding content and just browsing around a lot more pleasurable. I spent some time the other day watching some of the interesting videos in the […]

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Last day at CNET

Friday was my last day at CNET Networks. When I woke my computer at work on Friday morning, Entourage had popped one of its helpful event reminders up on the screen for me (Entourage is Microsoft’s Mac version of Outlook, for you PC people). I thought the choice of wording was somewhat ironic. It had […]

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Last week I returned to the office from a web design conference to learn that Webshots had been sold by CNET Networks to American Greetings Interactive. I really didn’t see this coming, so it was a slight shock to learn that my job was ending. I’ll remain here through the end of January as part […]

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CNET finally shows some love for the Mac

CNET Networks has acquired the TechTracker Network, comprising the sites VersionTracker.com, MacFixIt.com, iPhoneAtlas.com, and a few ancillary domains. This marks a significant shift for CNET’s tech offerings, since the majority of TechTracker’s visitors are Mac users. While CNET has covered Apple a lot on News.com and CNET.com, their Reviews section has historically been so-so at […]

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Ubuntu designers get “inspired” by Download.com button

I was browsing the Ubuntu* site today and I noticed a very familiar-looking green button. I opened up a separate browser window and went over to Download.com, and sure enough, whoever designed Ubuntu’s website had used the button I created for Download.com. Luckily, they’d changed the icon inside the button, since that’s a Download.com trademark […]

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UrbanBaby 1.5 redesign goes live

Update (May 10, 2008):Imagine my surprise to see a flood of comments on a single post today. And such lovely comments they are. If only these commenters had paid attention to the date of the original fucking post. Attention all you infuriated but obviously not very observant people: I am not the current art director […]

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Weekly Standards spotlights Download.com redesign

The Weekly Standards is a website that features large corporate sites that have been redesigned using web standards. They approached us for an interview-via-email and luckily our new CSS wizard Greg Penhaligon took on the task of writing a full article [Update: The Weekly Standards went down for good, but you can still view this […]

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