Google takes us inside some of the world’s great museums

Art Project, powered by Google. More about the project, including a brief how-it’s-done video, on LaughingSquid.

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April 17 asides

The R2-D2 Conspiracy, by Keith Martin, explains the pivotal parts played by two of the Rebel Alliance’s most skilled spies.

Michael Bailey-Gates
Pretty impressive work from an 18-year-old photographer who started professionally when he was 16.

The ARPANET Dialogues
From 1975, a transcription of a typed conversation (one of the first chats!) between then-California Governor Ronald Reagan, actress Jane Fonda, artist Marcel Broodthaers, and cultural anthropologist Edward Said, over ARPANET, the U.S. military communications network which would of course become what we now call the Internet. Fascinating dialog.

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Star Wars posters reimagined has collected a series of pretty cool reimaginings of Stars Wars movie posters, by various artists.

[via Jenny]

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Tim Minchin’s Storm the Animated Movie

I wish I could show this to anyone who’s ever used the word “energy” to mean anything other than electricity when talking to me. “Oh, man, that guy’s got such negative energy.” Fuck you, you uneducated cretin. Please stop lying to yourself about reality and dreaming that you live in a world where magic exists.

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Best of A Normal Day

Practice makes perfect. (I gotta try gettin’ that fireplace trick down…)

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A rad commercial for a Japanese cell phone, using a little wooden ball and a Rube Goldberg-like xylophone in a forest.

Yes, I am still trying to bring back the term “rad.”

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100 most often mispronounced words and phrases in English

Here’s a pretty good list from which I think should be mandatory reading for all middle school students. Especially those in the South : P

100 most often mispronounced words and phrases in English

I found I’d been messing a few of these up myself, and I’m a pronunciation nazi, so that’s saying something. Who knew you were supposed to pronounce the ph in diphtheria like an f sound? Or that there’s no s in pernickety?!

But there are a few that I’m really glad they included, because they irritate me every time I hear them mispronounced, such as “expresso” *rolls eyes*, February (there are two fucking r’s in there, people!), and the little-known forte, which is actually supposed to have a nearly silent e at the end, instead of the “for-tay” most people say. And don’t even get me started on “irregardless” and “nucular.”

One I wish they had included: Anti-Semitism — people always pronounce the Semi as “semuh,” which is just plain annoying as hell.

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William Shatner explains the microprocessor

Circa 1980. This is actually pretty cool.

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World’s biggest Harry Potter fan

Velma, aren’t you glad I’m not this obsessed with my own collections? (Well, give it time…)

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I would pay to see this

I bet they don’t have anything like this at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando.

[via ToplessRobot]

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