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Google and Apple show us what HTML5 has in store for our everyday web experiences

The Google Chrome team has released “20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web,” a “book” fashioned entirely in HTML5 which shows off some of the things you can do with the latest tags and technologies behind the new standard. The book itself is a pretty good primer for anyone who doesn’t know much […]

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WordPress import from Blogger fails to import all comments

Alright, I was finally able to solve this satisfactorily. Here’s the problem description, and the steps I took to resolve it. I hope this helps others. Try it at your own risk. PROBLEM: I’d switched my Blogger FTP blog to a blog, installed WP on my host, and used WP’s Tools > Import > […]

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One thing (er, 23 actually) I won’t miss when this contract ends

Here are 20 of the 23 crashes I’ve experienced while using the computer I was given at work. This doesn’t include the countless times I’ve woken the computer from sleep only to be presented with a black screen and no way to log in. This requires a hard shut down, which is a gigantic pain […]

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Job boards for designers and web developers

List updated May 12, 2009 I’ve been collecting this list for a while, in anticipation of having to use it one day. That day’s fast approaching here, so I thought I’d publish the list. Here are all the job search sites I know of that cater primarily to the creative and design communities, plus the […]

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