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The Plastic Wave

There’s an underground rock scene in Tehran, Iran. It’s not like underground scenes in other countries, though, because in Iran, all rock music is underground. The Plastic Wave plays really good modern hard rock music. The Plastic Wave has another challenge, quite aside from being forced underground by the Iranian government and culture — their […]

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Review: Paranoid: Deluxe Expanded Edition

Universal Music Group and the Sanctuary Records Group have released in the UK a three-disc special edition of Black Sabbath’s influential second album, Paranoid. This new version of the album features the original album, plus bonus versions of all the songs, a DVD containing a “Quadraphonic mix” apparently made in 1974, and expanded liner notes, […]

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The big ol’ list of band names

These are good (and not so good) band names that have popped into my head over the last few years, mostly stemming from misspellings in IM conversations with Ynnej. You are free to use any of these, in exchange for thanks on your first CD’s liner notes, and a comment here. Now all I need to […]

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