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Council of Responsible Advertisers Promoting Accepted Digital Solutions

Remember: “Rich media can literally kill you.”

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Handsome Men’s Club

From “Jimmy Kimmel Live” comes this pretty funny skit, with great writing for an impressive ensemble cast. The way it was shot, I wonder if they filmed it over several dates, with the various guys coming it at different times. [via Dave W.]

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Grandaddy’s “Jed” on an Apple IIe

The guys at Panic make awesome apps, like Transmit (FTP client), Unison (Newsgroup reader), and Coda (web dev tool). They also made a little video by hooking up their Apple IIe to an iPad. Pretty cool. Original concept by Stewart Smith (and his original video, on an Apple ][+, here).

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Book ’em Danno

Compare the new “Hawaii Five-0” theme, with it’s weak, tinny guitar, with the old version by the Ventures. Frankly, the new one underwhelms. It should be locked in a cell to rot. As I heard someone say: Surf music needs surf guitar!

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Dog vs. man dance battle

I’d say man wins, although dog gets props. This one of Mickey Mouse vs. a kid is pretty good too.

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Thursday Top 5+5

My Internet connection was down for almost nine days so I’m a bit behind in posting this Top 5. To make up for it, here’s an extra helping of interestingness, lols, and shenanigans. TED Talks: Juan Enriquez shares mindboggling science This is why I love science. “Even as mega-banks topple, Juan Enriquez says the […]

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