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Designing Obama

Scott Thomas, aka SimpleScott, is the designer who brought us and later He’s recently published Designing Obama, a book filled with some of the best designs that helped America elect its first black president. The book’s $80, and I’d like to own it, but I’m still deciding whether to buy it. The iPad […]

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How ink is made

Pretty awesome. [via Kottke]

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Trendspotting with a visual bent

Richard Watson writes for Fast Company, among others, and tracks trends at, where he’s released a visual representation of technology/social trends done in the style of the famous London Underground map. Download the map as a PDF.

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Spencer Elden

Spencer’s an illustrator and also works at Obey with the famous poster artist Shepard Fairey. He also has the distinction of being the baby pictured on Nirvana’s famous Nevermind album cover. [via Kottke]

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The myth of the fold

Edit Apr 2015: Added a newer link (top of list). In web design and development there is almost always a desire to surface as many items of content and functionality above “the fold”* as you can possibly cram in there: Top news, latest blog posts, branding, primary navigation, secondary navigation, customer testimonials, carousels, search box, […]

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Job boards for designers and web developers

List updated May 12, 2009 I’ve been collecting this list for a while, in anticipation of having to use it one day. That day’s fast approaching here, so I thought I’d publish the list. Here are all the job search sites I know of that cater primarily to the creative and design communities, plus the […]

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Mark Bult Design master client list

Edit: Updated January 23, 2017. I’ve been in business for 21 30 years (or more, depending on how you look at it), and I’ve had a lot of clients over those years. This list is pretty accurate and exhaustive, but every once in a while I come across some really old file on an archive disk […]

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Microsoft I-pod (sic)

What if Microsoft redesigned the packaging of the iPod?

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