Mark Bult was born in the Windy City, raised in Silicon Valley, and eventually escaped the ’burbs to take up residence in San Francisco’s Mission District.

He started his first business when he was 18 and quickly rose to fame and amassed a fortune that would rival the richest kings and oil barons. This allowed him to retire from the glitterati lifestyle in 2001, when he parked his Learjet and took a low-paying job in the nonprofit sector to try to “save the world” or something. A few years later he — having saved the world — joined tech media company CNET, and when told he could choose how his business card read, decided on the title Design Guy.

He has been designing professionally for print and various traditional design media since 1988, and for the web since 1994 (when there were fewer than 3,000 active websites on the Internet, believe it or not).

Mark dabbles in photography in his photoblog and writes about design, technology trends, small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri, and whatever else catches his fancy, in his journal.

Recently Mark helped founders grow their brands and teams at tech startups such as Identified (acq by Workday), Cloudera, Fitbit, and  Thanx. He lives in Oakland, CA, with a redhead, a white cat, a small boy, numerous Apple devices, and no tea.


espd, Markus Mayhemicus, Calvin

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