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Two weeks after launch my site is #9 on a Google search for the term “Heinlein Biography,” which is pretty good. Sadly, in a Google search for “Robert Heinlein biography,” it fares less well, coming in at #14. “New Heinlein biography” also doesn’t do very well, dropping to #16.

I can’t complain too much, since coming in that high for any of those searches is pretty darn good considering I did little more to promote the site than mention it on Twitter a couple times and sending a note to some of my Facebook friends. I doubt that the site has been linked from anywhere outside my own post here. (By the way, my high ranking with practically zero effort is also an indication of the poor state of SEO for other Heinlein-related sites and sf sites in general. A big part of the reason I created this little side project was because of how unprofessional most of them are.)

I didn’t have time to install Google Analytics on it when I launched, but I added it today. The book ships tomorrow, so it’ll be interesting to see if there’s a slight uptick in traffic after a few more reviews begin appearing in the press and awareness of the biography begins to filter through the sf community.

Update Aug 24, 2010: In the past week the site has ranked up slightly in Google’s results. Here are the changes:

“Heinlein biography” has moved from #9 to #8.
“Robert Heinlein biography” has moved from #14 to #12.
“New Heinlein biography” has moved from #16 to #15.

I think I’ll track some other variations from now on, to see if they improve too:

Robert A. Heinlein biography” is currently at #14.
Heinlein biography book” is currently at #7.
book about Robert Heinlein” ranks terribly low, at #86.
life of Robert Heinlein” comes in at #19.
books about Robert Heinlein” comes in at a lowly #67, but it should do much better than that since that text appears prevalently on my page.
Robert Heinlein Patterson” could be coming in better, it’s currently at #25.

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