August 30 asides

The Encyclopedia of Business Cliches

JQuery Mobile Framework

A visual language to represent emerging gesture-based user interactions. Think “tap” or “two-finger pinch” on an iPhone or iPad — how do you represent that in a non-animated form like a wireframe or mockup? These icons can help.

A Costa Rica hotel room made out of a Boeing 727.

NY Times: For Exercise in New York Futility, Push Button

Blah-Blah Text: Keep, Cut, or Kill?
I’ve been advocating the removal of unnecessary happy-text, or “blah-blah” text as Jakob Nielsen calls it, for probably ten years. It’s that stupid intro text on a web page that nobody ever reads, like “Welcome to our site! Below you will find links for Stuff, Things, and Other Crap…” Drop the chatter dipshit, nobody’s reading that drivel, they’re already down to the links under the header Other Crap and clicking off to another page.

Web 2.0 Summit’s Points of Control map shows the movement of today’s technology leaders, in the form of an old-style map. As Jason A. pointed out, Alta Vista and Compuserve seem to be missing : P

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