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I’ve recently gotten much more into podcasts, which I previously didn’t really have much time for, nor interest in. Now that we’ve moved to the East Bay, and I’m still working downtown SF, my commute has increased from 20 minutes one-way on my bike to a half-hour-plus on a bus or BART or both, plus some walking on both ends. Staring out the bus or BART windows gets a little old, so I started downloading podcasts in iTunes, in order to have something to watch or listen to on the ride.

Here are my current favorites:

On the Media

OTM has long been one of my two favorite radio shows, and I’ve always been in the habit of downloading their weekly episodes if I’m somehow forced to miss the 2pm Sunday broadcast on KQED, or sometimes if I simply want to listen to it a second time. Having it regularly update each week on my iPhone is great, because now I’m never in danger of missing a week.
More about One The Media’s podcast

This American Life

I tried the “This American Life” iPhone app but it kinda sucks for listening on the go, or in a building with poor cellphone reception or lousy wifi, as the shows on the app are streamed, in which case you need a live connection the whole time. This is ridiculous for commuters; I can’t get a signal in a BART train under the Bay, fercryinoutloud! Why did they make it that way? So I just download the old-fashioned podcast each week instead.
More about This American Life’s podcast

The Adam Carolla Show

I love Adam and miss his humor since he left ”Love Line,” so I was glad to learn he had a podcast. His episodes are daily (I think), so I’ve been consuming them like candy, catching up on a backlog of prior months.
More about The Adam Carolla Show


“InfoMania” is the one video podcast I’ve been regularly watching. My pal Jenny turned me on to “InfoMania” a couple years ago, and I only watched it a couple times back then even though I liked it. But we didn’t have cable (“InfoMania” is a show on the _current cable network), and as I mentioned, I never paid that much attention to podcasts before recently. Now I’m a big fan of “InfoMania” and it’s been keeping me grinning and smirking on many a bus ride. It’s kind of a younger version of “On the Media.”
More about InfoMania

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  1. Posted July 18, 2010 at 9:19 pm | Permalink

    I really like KCRW’s To the Point, Learnoutloud’s Great Speeches in History, and AstronomyCast.

    Agreed about On the Media.


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