“The Adam Carolla Project,” Episode 1

I really miss Adam. I listened to “Loveline” on Live 105 practically every night for years and years an learned a lot from Dr. Drew and the discouragingly uninformed callers, but Adam Carolla was the icing on the cake that kept me entertained.

When Adam left the show for satellite radio and his various cable TV endeavors like “The Adam Carolla Project,” I pretty much never saw/heard him anymore, since I don’t have either satellite radio or cable. So it was really cool to see full episodes of this show posted online where I can watch them at my own leisure. Not surprisingly, it’s a pretty entertaining show. To me at least.

Update: Now that I’ve started downloading podcasts for my daily commute, I can once again listen to Adam’s snarky commentary as he interviews people each day on his popular podcast show.

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