Sustainability and recycling news

A few interesting articles I’ve read recently:

U.S. Mayors Tell Manufacturers to Pay Up for Product Recycling

The U.S. Conference of Mayors is advocating stricter “producer responsibility,” whereby producers and consumers of certain products and packaging would be made more responsible for their disposal: “Extended producer responsibility, or product stewardship, says that the companies that make products and packaging that are hard to recycle, toxic, or problematic in current waste systems should be the ones responsible for the costs associated with collecting and disposing of those products.”

Man, I am all for this.

Brewing Up Chairs from Discarded Coffee Grounds

Chairs made from coffee grounds and recycled plastic. They smell like coffee!

Starbucks’ Cup Competition Rewards Innovations for Reuse

Some great innovative ideas for increasing the use of reusable cups and decreasing the consumption of throw-aways. As someone who’s been taking my own mug to coffee shops for over 10 years, I like this runner-up: “the Band of Honor, a rubber band with a barcode on it that a customer can put on any reusable cup and have scanned every time they use it, getting larger discounts the more they reuse it.”

I could’ve bought a Prius with the money I’d have saved all these years ; )

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