Of neuroscience and law, effects of fetal alcohol syndrome in children from Eastern Europe, and domestic violence as monogamous aggression

The blog Neurological Correlates (with the wordy but highly accurate and descriptive subtitle A Neuroscience Tabloid of Dysfunctional Behavior – Mostly Psychopaths, Narcissists, Obesity and Addiction), strives to connect the dots between biology and dysfunctional behavior.

“My belief is that there is probably biology behind most behaviors,” writes the otherwise anonymous blogger who goes by the moniker Swivelchair. “Dysfunctional behavior (narcissism, psychopaths, obesity and addiction) can probably be explained by biology at some level.”

Swivelchair professes to work “in the biopharma area. Not a scientist, not a journalist, mostly in the business aspects. I have a science and business background, and have been involved in a variety of biotechnology-related ventures.”

S/he freely admits that “the posts are perhaps oversimplified, and any technical corrections are of course welcome,” but I found the more lay analysis quite helpful and interesting (myself being more a layman than a neurologist, this is to be expected), and where the writing veers away from “popular” style writing and a bit more toward long scientific terms and mentions of drugs and molecules I’ve never heard of, I tended to get a little distracted and found myself having to venture back and reread the last sentence or two.

But otherwise this was a particularly interesting new find that I’ve added to my “blogs” bookmarks and I’ll certainly check back again occasionally.

Lest Dear Readers wonder what dysfunction I was googling, and more importantly whether it was one of my own, I shall mention at this point that I happened upon this blog quite by chance, as it is run by the same person as Vintage Printable, mentioned elsewhere. I’m quite fond of my dysfunctions and don’t need to look them up on the internets, thankyouverymuch.

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