Giving AT&T U-verse a try

We moved last weekend and had AT&T U-verse set up two weeks in advance. We’re paying for the 12 Mbps service and getting an average speed of ~11.5, so I’m pretty impressed so far. Admittedly, I’ve only used it for a couple days now, but it’s better than what we had before (several times faster). I could have opted for more than 12, but we probably don’t need more than that (and I didn’t want to pay for more until I tried them out).

I chanced AT&T (I hate their mobile service, it’s shite) mostly because:

  1. I hate Comcast even more than I hate AT&T.
  2. No year-long contract requirement. So if it sucks, I can drop it and try Comcrap (bog forbid).
  3. No bandwidth restrictions, unlike Comcrap.
  4. They offer everything Comcrap does, including a few things Comcrap doesn’t, like the ability to stream the same (ore different) DVR’d shows to multiple screens at the same time, from one main device.
  5. I read this review (which admittedly is from Michigan, but still):
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