Thursday Top 5


“Jesus Is My Friend”
This is certainly the peppiest Christian rock song ever recorded. But they should know by now that rock ’n’ roll is always perverted by the influence of the devil. Hence the lyric: “Once I tried to run / I tried to run and hide / Jesus came and found me and he touched me down inside…” 8-\ [via Jason]


The Reverse Graffiti Project
Reverse graffiti artist Paul Curtis: “I make pictures by cleaning. I am a professor of dirt.” More info on the project.

The largest record collection in the world
I bought a bunch of vinyl records and singles this year to add to my collection. Some people think my collecting is crazy. But my collection is nothing compared to Paul Mawhinney’s.

Roger Horrocks
A photojournalist specializing in environmental and underwater photography. Some stellar underwater shots on his site.

Tea TV
From San Francisco’s Samovar Tea.

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