Last day at CNET

Friday was my last day at CNET Networks.

When I woke my computer at work on Friday morning, Entourage had popped one of its helpful event reminders up on the screen for me (Entourage is Microsoft’s Mac version of Outlook, for you PC people).

I thought the choice of wording was somewhat ironic. It had marked it “Overdue” since the event was scheduled in the calendar to begin at 9 am, and didn’t arrive until later in the morning.

Anyway, it was a somewhat melancholy day. I was at the same time sad to be leaving and also excited that I’d soon be able to take advantage of the “time off” to work on my own projects.

I walked around the six floors of the building saying goodbye to various people I’d worked with over the past 3+ years. I had a last coffee with my coworker Anne, signed all the official severance paperwork, and then I handed in my badge to security and walked around the corner to the pub where I’d invited everybody for happy hour.

I learned a great deal and worked with some spectacularly smart and talented people there, and those things I will miss. Of course, no place is perfect and there were plenty of things I won’t miss. But mostly I’ll miss the great people I worked with and the great work we did.

Oh well, I suppose it’s just time to do some of my own great work now.

But I’m-a takin’ a couple weeks off first ; )

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